Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to My Lolita-Blog :D

Welcome Girls (^o^)/

My name is Yessi Oktivia. You can call me Echie. I am form Indonesia.
This is my new blog which I make for my interest about Lolita Fashion.
*actually, I already have blog about my life at : ecHieadJah*
(That is Indonesian language blog, so if you want to read it with English…you can use Google translate)

In this blog will be more post about lolita fashion, but I won't to much post about clothes that Lolita wear like costume.
Because I will make Lolita style can be match with fashion trend on this day, so if you like Lolita can wear it everyday without look too much details.
But it still can look cute without relieve the ruffle !! XD

I hope you Girls will like it :)
And don’t forget if you want to comment it about critic or suggestion..I will glad to accept it :)

Oh ya..I am sorry if my english is bad T_T
Because I am still learning about it ==;

I hope you'll happy to see my post

See u X)

Yessi Oktivia
Fashion designer wanna be
Email & YM :

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