Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Go To Taman Mini Indonesia Indah~

Today,at this morning, I was going to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta Timur, Indonesia.
I really surprised because my parents hadn't to tell me that we would go to there… =_=a
But it was fun ! XD

There were some picture that I got :

*address and contact number*

*on my way to TMII*

*with my brothers : Dian & Nico*

*Nico is trying to be cute~ :3*

*this is when we go to Istana Anak and take a picture with tiger-clown*

*The Castle - when I saw this, I felt like a princess XD*

*at the roof-top of the castle*

*with my Mom too~*

*then I took a picture under the elephant-sculpture*

*under Barong's teeth~*

Inside the room, there are some picture about dinosaurs from the age before century o.ob

*me - in front of the castle again hehe~ XD*

My Outfit :
*) t-shirt : T
*) dress : Chic Girl
*) headband, accessories, camera's pocket, shoes : offbrand
*) bag : (maybe fake) Chanel (hahahaha~ XD but I salute because it can be wear until has been 5 years ^^b)

*beside the Plaza Archipel~ you can see : Kolam Indonesia*

Why does it call "Kolam Indonesia" ? Because it is miniature of Indonesia's map. :)

*Snowbay WaterPark…I took it at the Sky lift*

*me at the Sky lift*

With my brothers

Then I saw the castle at the skylift, it so wonderful~ !! XD
*likes the castle from fairy tale* :3

Then we went to traditional house of East Java :

East Java is my Dad's hometown,at Madiun city. So in my blood there are East-Javanese's blood, be half of that there are also West-Javanese's blood from my Mom (who is from Garut city hehe).

And I found Maja Tree !! (*O*)
Maja is fruit that really bitter or in Indonesia is Pahit. Therefore, there is the name of old kingdom in Indonesia, called Majapahit.

*the fruit is so big, likes a watermelon*

My Mom said that the fruits is usually made for a container to bring a water.

Then at last we took a pict at Bali traditional house~

Do you know that people always think that our age is so close ? Or I am more younger than my brother's Dian hahahaha
Actually, Dian is 5 years more younger than me. And Nico is 10 years more younger than me. XD
People always think that I am still at high school hahahaha :D

Oh ya..I think the first point of my plan about go to "Recreational place" is complete. =w=b
Last weekend I went to Ocean (water) Park too, didn't I ?
Yeahh 2 plans were complete !! XD
Still 2 more to go~

Ganbaruu !! \(^o^)/

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One Mission Complete !! =w=b

*I found this photo on the top of bookshelf hahaha that was me when I was at 3 years-old*

3. Clean Up my Bookshelf

I've done the clean-up today..
The books are so many and heavy, and I must clean one by one because of dust. and The shelf too.

Now, I want to take a rest a little while.. *zzzzzzz..*

There are still three plans that I must to do~

Ganbaru~ (o.o)9


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Plan

I make some plans for my holiday, because I feel so waste time if I don't do anything (and will be so boring) ==a

So here they are the plans :
1. Go to some recreational area~
2. Learn to sew (I want to make petticoat and skirts)
3. Clean up my book shelf
4. Finishing my painting

I hope I can do all af them X)

And there is some picture from yesterday at Ocean Park~

After swimming~
With my family~

And I bought little blue octopus~ (the mascot of Ocean Park) it's so cute~~ XD

Then today, I got new flats from Calliope~ :D

The colour is purple. You can find the counter on Debenhams. They have more cute flats with ribbon on the top of it in many colours.
And one thing that I love from their flats is It has soft pads so you can feel really comfort when you wear it for little longer. Really reccomended ^^b

Then at last I bought book about sewing, this book will help me to make clothes pattern ^^b : Buku Penuntun Membuat Pola Busana Tingkat Dasar

With other comic book about cosmetic~ : Fantastic Cosmetic
It is nice book for beginner who still learn to use cosmetic products and to care your skin ^^b
it has nice picture~

Then this is cloth pattern that I want to make for petticoat~

Must work hard to learn in this holiday~
Ganbaru !! \(^.^)/

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Swimming Time~

*perlengkapan tempur haha*

I am going to Ocean Park, BSDcity, with my family~ XD

Yay~ I love to swimming and play underwater ^^b
Hope will be fun today~ X)


Friday, December 23, 2011

New dress and today's outfit~

Today's outfit :

I love this ribbon~
*it has wine colour, so cute~ X3*

I have been going to Supermall Karawaci with my family~
Had lunch with my Aunty Ela
*special fried rice with favourite food~ XD*

And I bought new clothes~

A t-shirt by T and a dress by Chic Girl

I like clothes from Chic Girl, because It has cute clothes with much pink colours XD
Umh..maybe it likes MILK from Japan hehe

You can find it in Matahari departement store ^^
And tonight I hope to get enough sleep because me and my family will go to Ocean Park tomorrow !! Yay~ swimming~ XD
*can't wait tomorrow morning !! X)*

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Mother's Day !! (^o^)/

To my Mom and all mothers in Indonesia :

Happy Mother's Day~ \(^o^)/

Today,22th December 2011, is Mother's Day in Indonesia~
It's for appreciate how precious Mother in our lifes. :)

I really love my Mom.
She is wonderful mother that I know :)
Although we always fight because different argument, but I know she's really love me too.
At noon, she accompanied me to doctor because I still had a cough disease ._.
She is very hard-working person. She can do everything likes cleaning house, washing clothes, ironing, cooking, etc ,alone without housekeeper. (o_o)a

Really really GREAT mother X)

Although I always get annoyed by her, because she likes to yelling at me ==;
(and I am afraid when she angry to me)
But I always love her~


"I love you, Mom ^^

I can't give anything in this Mother's Day, maybe when I help you to do your homekeeping-work everyday in my holiday, it can be a present for you :)

Your beloved Daughter~ :3"

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm at home~

*sneakpeak of my room..hehe..more Hello Kitty !! XD*

Finally, I came home at noon.. Tangerang, it's hot, very different than Bandung..

Glad to see my Mom, Nico, & Dian.. (My Dad is still at his office)..

There are more food..
Comfy room..
More books..
And close to family~

hahhhnn..I'm happy at home again~



Monday, December 19, 2011

Rewarding Yourself

The Last Final Test is OVER !!! Yeaaaahhhh !!! \(*A*)/

Actually, not yet tehehe :p
maybe there will some revision test, if I fail again fuhh

At the afternoon, I was going to Bandung Indah Plaza (we usually call it : BIP)…after I have dinner with BiibopH :p
I planned to buy books at Gramedia about How-To-Sew but I tempted by Martha Tilaar cosmetic bazaar in BIP..and I became like =>> "Buy All The Cosmetic !!!" \(*A*)

But actually no..I didn't have much money to buy those all :p

There were some cosmetic products like Sariayu, Caring Colours, Biokos, PAC, Dewi Sri Spa, Belia, Rudy Hadisuwarno, etc
The Bazzar will be held until Sunday, 25th December 2011.
You can buy all the cosmetics with 20% discount and the selected items with 50% discount ^^
So If you are in Bandung…Grab it fast nooowww !!! XD

There were some cosmetic products that I bought~

Caring Colours BB Cream-Fair white, Caring Colours Luxurious Perfecting Blush-Terra Passion, and Sariayu EyeShadow exotic Indonesia-Petikan Sitar

This is Fair White Blemless Balm Cream to concealing blemishes with exellent skin coverage. You can wear it like a moisturizer plus foundation then you can finish with loose powder or two-way cake.
And I buy the Fair white because this bb cream is suitable to my skin face which is so oily..there are 2 more variant for dry skin that really needs more coverage and one more is for glamour make up look, because it has more glow when you apply it to your face ^^

I love this blush..because the peach colour it has~ XD

Everyday, I usually wear pink blush by caring colours-rose desire~
And I compare them..

They both looks cute when I apply on my cheeks~ X3

Then this is Sariayu-Petikan Sitar eyeshadow. The colour of eyeshadows are so nice for natural make up. This is one of the colour trend 2011 by Sariayu. There are 3 more, Alun Serunai, Dendang Rebana, and Denting Kecapi…I want to collect them all hehe :p
Hope I can~

Furthermore, I bought some accessories from Stroberi shop
Those are Hello Kitty Bow Rings~
Ahh they are so cute~ (I love the red one XD)

And some little containers for my make up

Yeaaahhh that's all~
I'm very happy…because it is way to rewarding myself after I try so hard to study for final exams~
At Wednesday morning, I will go to my home-sweet-home in Tangerang, I really miss my Mom, Dad, and my two-little-brothers haha (they're not little actually :p)….and I really really miss my own room~ X")
I can't wait to go home~ :")

Saturday, December 17, 2011

When Your Boyfriend Love You Being A Lolita

hahaha..actually I don't know how to write this story..without blushing on my cheeks.. :")

Last night, when he came to my dorm house..he told me this :

"..nanti kalau kita tinggal di Jepang..pas sudah lulus kuliah..dan lanjut di sana sambil kerja, kamu bisa belanja baju-baju lolita yang kamu suka..lalu kita jalan-jalan ke Harajuku..siapa tau ada yang memfoto kamu kan ya..terus dimasukin ke majalah gitu..jadi terkenal deh..Lolita dari Indonesia yang cantik ini.."

Then I laughed..hahaha
I said "Amiinn" in my heart..I hope..that things he said, will be come true~

He really likes me with my outfit...when I decided to wear cute clothes, I guessed he wouldn't like it..because what I usually wear just t-shirt and jeans..

But when I told him that I really loved Lolita style..actually I surprised that he accepted and really exited about my style. He said that the style really suited me...and he said..

"Pakailah yang kamu suka..asal kamu nyaman dengan yang kamu pakai..aku oke-oke aja..lagipula lucu..jadi kayak boneka~" ^^

I was very happy..and I thanked to God, who gave me someone that really understand me.. :)
Because I think It is rarely to meet the Man who can always be with you whenever and wherever..when you wear lolita clothes.
Some of them maybe will feel ashamed when be with you in the crowd..
or thinks that your style really weird..

But he doesn't....


"Terima kasih BiibopH, karena menerimaku apa adanya.. :* "

I hope you Girls will have the Man who love you to accept who you really are and your style~


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Friday, December 16, 2011

I need Moar Candies :p

Yay~ (^o^)/
Finally I can eat candy again~
It has been 2 months since last time I ate candy, because I got cough disease ==;

But now I can "Eat All the Candies !!" Muahahahaha~ XD

Yupi Choco Glee is so good..gummy candy with chocolate inside the candy :3
And Magic can put a few into your mouth and let them crackle on your tongue !! XD



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