Monday, November 28, 2011

Handmade : My First WristCuff

I made my own wristcuff after I saw some girls with lolita clothes wear it. And They looked really cute XD

In my town, there is no shop sells Lolita wristcuff (except you buy online on ebay or Lolita Clothing online shop). Finally, because I want to have a cute wristcuff, I went to buy the materials on the craft store yesterday, Crayon's Craft at Jalan Aceh no.15 Bandung.

They sell some craft's material to make crafts like lace, ribbon, flannel fabrics, beads, thread and tools for knitting-crocheting-embroidery,etc.
The price may be more expensive than other crafts store (for example in my town, you can find more crafts material store at Pasar Baru , Jalan Otista Bandung), but it quite worthed because the place is really comfortable, clean, and peaceful.

These are tools and materials which I use to make wristcuff :

Make the wristcuff is quite easy..
1. Cut lace according to the circumference length of your wrist
2. Sew little rubber to give nice folds on the lace
3. Sew ribbon on the wristcuff to make it more beautiful
4. Sew velcro on the back so that wristcuff can stick and wrapped around into your wrist, then TADAAAAA !! Your handmade wristcuff done !! XD

Make your own wristcuff is really fun…you can use your creativity to make it with different model

And suddenly, I want to make some more..hohoho
Yosh !! (^o^)9

Monday, November 21, 2011

I love Hello Kitty

I really love Hello Kitty, and at ealier of this month, November 1st 2011 was the 37th anniversary of Hello Kitty !! XD
She's getting old, isn't she ? Hihihihi X3

I really love Hello Kitty since I was little, just because I was very shy back then..I never said this things to my friends. I was afraid they will make fun on me, because my friends, mostly of them were boy. If I bought a Hello Kitty things, and they know it…I definitely got bulied by them..huft..
But they can't eliminate Hello Kitty from my life, now…I am still love this character..She's so cute ^^

And..last month,when I went to McDonalds at Simpang Dago, Bandung…there were Hello Kitty's watches which became the toy you can have if you buy Happy Meal :D
I was so interested to collect them..and with help from BibiipH…at last, I can collect them All !!! XD
I was so happy..when he brought the last pink-Hello Kitty-watch that I wanted..
Because that watch was really hard to find…

Thank you so much, my Darling BibiipH !! :*

These are the watches..
*I have all of them XD*

Hello Kitty's head is so cute~ !!
I really like to wear it with many can fit and makes your outfit looks cute~ :3
It's my favourite :)

This look so Gothic, there are Hello Kitty's butterfly pictures on it. I wear it with black or purple outfits.

This is Apple-shaped-Watch…It's really cute..with the bright green-orange color it's really fun to wear it with red or orange outfit.. :D

The Last watch !! Fiuhhh…it was really hard to find..but me and this watch have very strong magnet that can make us meet…and It become mine..hahaha XD

They are really cute for daily wear :3

And at this morning, when I logged on my poupee..I saw this..

My poupee's room had change to Hello Kitty's room !! XD

Kawaaaaaaaiiiiii desu~ XD

I hope I can get more items or anything about Hello Kitty~
See U at next post

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Poupeegirl is a web-based game. You can go to the site : Poupeegirl
Poupee is from french language, means a doll..
You must sign up and log on before you play :)
This game is about dress-up our avatar as a doll. It is pretty fun because there are a lot of cute clothes XD
To get those clothes, you must trade it with Ribbon, the currency. You can get the Ribbon by logging in everyday, dress up your avatar everyday (just once a day), posting the clothes that you have (max 5 post, beside you can get Ribbon, you also can get random clothes), give "suteki" and comment on other apparel post of your friends (you can add friends all over the world XD), and etc (such as winning the contest).

This is my poupee :

Kawaii desu nee~ X3

It is really like me hehehe :D
You can visit my Poupee in here : Echie's Room


Actually, I am very tired of many tasks and PMS…it's torturing me ==;
It makes me not mood to do anything. Huft..

I hope I can get the spirit again..

See u at next post~

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Inspired by Halloween

Halloween was over a week ago. In my country, Indonesia, we don't celebrate it. But I am quite interest after seeing picture about halloween party and costume play, it seems really fun XD

On October 31, 2011…I made some snacks, I called : Creepy Chocolate
(because its shape were very creepy, weren't appropriate than I expected =_=)

Yieks.. (=A=;)
But don't be fooled about the shape, actually It tasted really good.
(My Hubby, BiibopH ate all of white chocolates hohohohoho)
I only cracked up some Oreo biscuits, then I mixed with peanut butter, and I stained it with white chocolate o.o/

And those pumpkins are my friends, who accompanied me when I made Creepy Chocolate XD
I made them from folding paper…That's Origami Pumpkin
You can see the instruction of making them ini here : Origami Halloween Pumpkin

Well introduce them..they are (from left to right) Munya, Manyu, and Manya ^^

Yosh…this Halloween event was inspired me to make some clothes that we can wear to the Halloween party or play Trick-or-Treat. It also inspired by some pumpkins..which were more of them in Halloween celebration.
This is the idea :

It’s pretty cute, if you wear it at Halloween X3
Another inspiration are by wearing costumes like fairy, guro lolita, or costume from cartoon, movie, drama character which you like,such as : Alice in wonderland, some princess from fairytale, Marie antoinette, etc.

Oh ya, Halloween isn't fun without Ghost Story…hiiyyy…
I have one new story, this one told by my aunt, Aunty Tin2..
So..a month ago at my GrandMa's house, Uncle Dede and Aunty Una bought an cute owl and it placed in the cage near my Aunty Tin2's bedroom and clove tree.
She said that since there was an owl, My cousin-Ijay-can't sleep in everynight..he looked so scared by something..
My Aunty seemed know there was something that scare my cousin..but my Aunty can't see "It" one night..there was a man who screamed in front of my Grandma's house. All of the people in near house came out from their house and ask "What's wrong ?"
As the Mas was fear and panic, he said that he saw the clove tree moved as there was a hurricane and there was a female ghost on Indonesia we always call it, Kuntilanak..
My GrandPa seemed to know maybe it caused by that my GrandPa asked Uncle Dede and Una to moved and gave the owl to the zoo. And it finally moved..and that was right..that female ghost never appear again in my GrandMa's house.

It's spooky, right ? Hiiyy
There's a question : Is it true that owl can attract ghost to come ?
It still be a mystery

Hihihihihihihihihihi X3

See ya at next post (=w=)b

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Improve Your Looks : Table Manner (part 2)

Okay..this is part 2 of "Improve Your Looks"

You can see the Part 1 on Improve Your Looks-part 1

Furthermore, when we waited the room be laid out by waiter to table manner event, all participants were invited to Hotel tour. We went to the lobby, restaurant, ballroom, garden inside the building, spa, fitness centre, and swimming pool.

After one hour, we returned to the Ballroom. And the second show : Table Manner, began ! XD
Guided by Mr. Yaya S. Moechtar, executive asisstant manager of Aston Tropicana Hotel.

Table Manner is the ethics of how-to-eat and manners at dining table in formal banquet. Banquet is a large meal which usually serves a purpose such as charitable gathering, a ceremony, or a celebration and is often preceded or followed by speeches in honor on someone.

There are `Good Table Manners` :
1. Don't forget to say "Please" and "Thank You", if you want to get help from waiter/waitress.
2. No Playing (Keep Calm)
3. No Reaching
4. Be Grateful
5. Napkin (always) in lap
6. Clean hands (I suggest before you enter the ballroom)
7. Hold Silverware Correctly
8. Hats Off
9. Sit Up Straight
10. No Elbows (on the table)
11. Mouth Closed (while chewing the food in your mouth)

So Who needs Table Manners ?
For everyone of course…
Because these are the correct procedure of eating. It can have quite long time to do, but that is the table manner's art. So that's why in France, break time for lunch can be 2 hours, because they appreciate the food as they first-needed so they think it must has important ritual.

Okay…now we go to the procedures of Table Manner..
Starting from Entering the Venue..
1. Your body posture when you walk in to dining table, must looks straight, not bent, and show your confident. Usually at dining table on official banquet, there are the card with our name on the table. You can find yourself or ask the waiter to show you which seat is yours.
2. When you will sit at dining chair, for woman, usually her man will let her sit first. If you don't bring your spouse, waiter will ask to let you sit.
3. When you sit, your back must always straight and napkin (which will be open and place on your lap by waiter/waitress) must always on your lap.

On the dining table, there are the table setting in front of us (in this blog, I draw my self which I saw at the event, oh ya If there aren’t complete you may ask to the waiter/waitress there).

1. Folded Napkin
2. Bread & Butter plate and Knife
3. Water Goblet
4. Salad Fork
5. Soup Spoon
6. Dinner Fork
7. Dinner Knife
8. Salt & Pepper Saucer
9. Dessert Fork
10. Coffee/Tea Cup & Tea Spoon

Nah..we start to the menu. The menu usually list on the banquet invitation. So if there are among the guests have food allergic, can refuse the food which be serve and waiting next meal. There are the following menus and procedures :

1. Bread & Butter
Do :
*Save Bread & Butter on the Bread & Butter plate
*Take bread with your left hand, then cut into bite-size with your right hand
*Save Bread in the B & B plate
*Hold the Bread knife with your right hand
*Spread a piece bread with butter
*Insert bread to your mouth by your hand
Don't :
*Do not move the B&B plate to the middle, stay it at its first place
*Do not eat the bread, by bite or cut it with knife like a steak
*Do not dip the bread in to the soup (except the bread that serves with the soup)
*Do not insert bread's pieces in to the soup

2. Appertizer
*The cutleries that I use are from the outside "Salad fork & Salad knife" . But there is just salad fork, so I only use salad fork. The menu : Caesar Salad
*Appetizer serves to raise your appetite, but not filling
*Knife (if you use that) is at your right hand and fork is at your left hand, hold it like holding a racket, at the prone positions
*Cut in to bite-size with your knife (if you use that), because I don't use knife so I scoop the food
*If the food can't be punctured, you can placed it on the back of fork with the knife, and still at prone positions

3. Soup
*The Cutlery which I used was "Soup Spoon" : The Menu : Chicken Soup with some Garlic Bread
*Spoon at your right hand, like you hold a ballpoint
*Spoon doesn't fill too full, from back to front
*Insert the spoon to mouth from the left side of spoon
*Take the soup into your mouth as quitely as possible without making a sound
*Don't blow the soup, eat it little by little
*After you eat, place your spoon at the right on base soup plate

4. Main Course
*It's show time !! I was really interest with the main course, although my stomach began to full. The Menu : Steak with Boiled Potatoes (the meat wasn't soft so it was very hard to bite and chew it)
*Stay at straight sitting positions, close your elbow to your body
*Knife to cut and Fork to prick
*Cut the meals start from closest to us
*Cut the meals according to bite-size, eat directly
*Eat as quitely as possible
*If there are some leftovers, trimmed at the middle of the plate
*Before you drink, wipe your mouth with the napkin
*After you eat, place the knife & fork at the right of the plate, knife at the right, fork on the left, a sharp facing the fork.

There are some tips :
*Don't start to eat until other guests at your table get their meal
*Don't touch the food directly by your hand, always use knife & fork
*Put the bone or fat in the edge of the plate, don’t move it to another plate or ashtray
*Don't lower your body to pick your food to the mouth
*Don't talk when your mouth full
*Don’t seem to exited to eat the food
*After all the meal on your table already in-clear-up, tooth-pick may be used I felt my stomach full..
*Dining table begin to clear-up
*The Cutleries that don't need, lifted
*Salt & Pepper saucer, lifted
*B&B plate, lifted
*Food crumbs cleaned by waiter/waitress from the table
*Last Cutlery : Dessert Fork + Tea Cup, pass down to the right

5. Dessert
*This is the sweet ending, Mr. Yaya said this dessert must be feel at your mouth until you go home from the banquet. The Menu : Apple Pie
*The Cutlery which I used was last cutlery : Dessert Fork
*Hold your fork like you hold your pencil
*After you eat, place fork on the right of plate
*Don't ask the waiter to clear-up, before all the fellow finish they eating

6. Tea or Coffee
*When you eat the dessert, you will be served Tea/ Coffee by the waiter
*Napkin will be clear-up
*Waiter will come to offer tea or coffee and pour it to our cup
*Put enough sugar, stir it slowly and quitely
*Don't blow or sipping your drink
*Don’t pour drink to its base plate
*If you don't want more drink, put your index finger on the lip cup

And You're done !!! XD
Well..I just felt really full..all the foods were so tasty..just a little problem from the meat steak :(

I hope this knowledge will benefit to you, The Lolita who want to create the banquet to celebrate some events by inviting your friends. :)

So the event was end at 3.00 pm, and right, the length of banquet is 1-2 hours.
After from this event, Me and Cilsi went to Paris Van Java Mall to window shopping hehehe..and we met my Uncle Dede and Aunt Una..and yeahh…I got my birthday present from them !! Yay !! :D

The present what I really want..and I wrote at my previous post about My Birthday Wish
I really want new wallet and.. TADAAAAA !!

That is my Hello Kitty wallet that I really dreamed for.. X)
Hihihi It's cute, isn't it ? X3

Ok..see U at next post :3


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