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Improve Your Looks : Beauty Class (part 1)

Improve Your Looks is the seminar which be held by Student Organization of FiKom, Padjajaran University. I knew the seminar when I was browsing Infobdg's tumblr and It was interesting me to join the seminar. From my college, there were me and my friend, Cilsi, who participated in this seminar.

This is the invitation :

This event was held in Aston Tropicana Hotel, Cihampelas, Bandung, Indonesia.
The event was too late than time which written in the invitation. It should be start at 8.00 am, but the show began at 9.15 am.
I waited in front of the Ballroom until more than one hour…huft..

So the show began by MC, then some speech, and the first show was : Beauty Class by Sariayu. It was same with the beauty class that I participated on the end of last year. The goodie bag was same too..

From ecHieadJah

I think, it's really good to us as a women to participate in the beauty class, at least once. Especially, the lifestyle of Lolita require us to always care our self, look fresh, and beautiful :)
In this post, I don't discuss about all the show, I just want to share a little knowledge about hair care, body care (include breast care & miss cheerful), face care, and natural make up for everyday use. In this show, there was a make up demo, but I was too shy to took a picture of me with make up at the event :")

So here we begin :
1. Hair care
It requires because hair is women's crown. We must know about our hair type. There are three hair types : dry, normal, and oily.
a. Dry hair
The charactheristic of dry hair is very dull, vurnerable to loss and fracture, and get branch. For hair ike this, it shall be treated by using a special shampoo for dry hair which can humidify the hair.
b. Normal hair
It's so happy when you have normal hair, because it doesn't have more problem. But we must still care to keep it beautiful.
c. Oily hair
It always looks flatened, dull, and if you don't wash it frequently it can be itching on your scalp and cause dandruff. There were 2 type of dandruff : wet dandruff (just at the scalp) and dry danrdruff. It shall be treated by using a special shampoo for oily hair. If you have dandruff, you must choose anti-dandruff shampoo.

Hair care with using the shampoo is must do once every two days. And followed by using the conditioner to keep the hair stays soft. If you have the scalp problem you can use toner (for hair loss and dandruff). There is a week care, you can use hair mask or hair oil to protect hair from damage and keep your hair colour. And don't forget to creambath, once a month.

2. Body care
a. Body
Our body is a gift from our God, so we must keep and treat its well. The food which you eat is very important to keep the body from the inside. So choosing the healthy food can keep your body looks beautiful from the inside. From the outside, you must treat it well by take a bath twice a day to keep clean. After take a bath, don't forget to use body lotion to keep humidify of skin. Then use body cologne or deodorant to avoid bad body smell when we active to do everything.
Everyweek body care, we must do scrubbing to remove the dead skin in order to unaccumulate and avoid make skin looks dull. Using body scrub, don't rub it up and down but rotate it according to the flow of blood in human hearts. When using the white scrub we can use the palm of the hand, but to use yellow scrub we must using back of the hand, to avoid the palm hand become yellow.
b. Breast
Who don't want the beautiful breast ? Whatever the shape of the breast, we must treat it well. Choosing the right bra, eat healthy food, and everyweek treatments is needed. The treatment are breast massage (with breast massage oil, don't forget to cover the nipple with cotton first) and use the breast mask. Both treatments are for make your breast looks tight, not slack, and not wrinkled, but not to get big breast…hehe
c. Miss Cheerful
This is our most valuable assets. The treatment, we must choose the right underwear (dry and comfortable), daily cleaning, and monthly treatment. On daily cleaning we can use clean water to keep it hygenis. If you're in public toilets, you must bring special tissue to clean it, because the water is not necessarily clean. Using the special foam for Miss Cheerful just only when needed, to keep no whitish. Then when you get your period, you must change pad every four hours. Monthly treatments, you can use ratus treatment to make your Cheerful keep clean and smell good.

3. Face care
For our face, we must take extra care because it exposes every day. Daily care, don't forget to clean it two times a day. And don't forget to clean it before you sleep, to avoid pore covered and cause acne.

To clean make up :
a. Clean the eye and lip make up with make up remover special for eye and lip, why ? Because eye area is quite thin, less humid, and vurnerable to get wrinkles.
b. Use the cleansing milk to clean the entire make up with some face massage (like on the photo below)
*sorry about the bad picture :p*
Clean the cleansing milk with dry tissue, wipe it upward.
c. Then use the facial foam..
d. Then use face toner, by being patted a little in order to get closed pore and our face become fresh again :)

We also need to know our skin type, so we can choose the right product. There are three types of skin : dry skin, normal skin, and oily skin. The treatments are so different : For dry skin, wrinkles are very vulnerable and make up is so hard to get stick, so it requires product with more humid. For normal skin, you can choose any products…but don't forget to take care of it to stay beautiful. For oily skin, there vulnerable to polish, get acne, because the pore are also big so it needs product which can shrink the pores and reduce oil on face.
Weekly treatments, don't forget to facial, we can do it at home. First clen the face, do the face massage, do the scrubbing to take off the dead skin, then use face mask, wait for 10-15 minutes, clean the mask…and you're done !!! XD

4. Make up : Natural
Furthermore, we also must know about make up, specially natural make up for everyday use. The function of this make up can make our face more fresh and beautiful, and to improve our confidence to 100% :p

Natural make up is easy :
-apply the face moisturizer on clean face
-apply the concealer to covers can parts
-apply the foundation on every part on the face, same as applying the moisturizer
-then use face powder to bind it all
-next to eye make up : apply the eyeshadow with your desirable colour on your eyelids, then apply the lighter colour on your brow bone to make highlighter.
-wear thin eyeliner above the eyelashes (can be pencil or liquid)
-wear the mascara to make your eyelashes become more dramatic
-then don't forget to apply blush on your cheeks, to look more fresh
-and the last is : the lipstick !! Use natural colour and if you want to look glamour you can use lip gloss. :)

Tadaaaaaaa !! The make up is done !! XD
I think it is not hard if you always to do it, you can do it less than 10 minutes ;p

Yap, I think it's enough for knowledge from Beauty Class.
And finally we shout :
"Today I am beautiful, Tomorrow I am beautiful, and will be beautiful forever !!" XD

I hope it can be useful for you, Gals ^^

So see U on part 2, we will discuss about : table manner.

See u at next post

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