Friday, October 21, 2011

My Birthday Wishes and Happy 35 Month Anniversary with BiibopH

*the candle of my Birthday cake*

Yay..I'm at 21 years ooooollllddd !! XD

And today I am celebrating `Happy 35th Month Anniversary` with my BiibopH :)
Not to be expecting that I'm almost 3 years with him…hehe
I hope we'll be loving each other until the end..

Oh ya..At Sekre, I've been getting surprised by BiibopH and Redo…They bought me a Birthday Cake…It’s so yummy :9
*actually I've already known that BiibopH would buy me a cake hehe* ;p
Then..the cake ran out in 10 minutes by my friends at sekre.. :D
Luckily, I've eaten 1 slice..and it felt great with strawberry on it :9

*with birthday cake..yummyyy*

Then BiibopH and I took the adventure to All-You-Can-Eat restaurant, Ha..Ha..Hanamasa yay~ XD

*BiibopH and Me*

Meat Party !! XD

*Eat…Like A Boss*

Look, How much he ate !! XD

*The Boss was full but there were more meats at his plate*


And there are Birthday wishes which I want to share in this blog…
I don't care about Myth : If you say your wishes…It will never happen..
Because I believe the wish will happen if we try to get it and always pray…and I write in here to remind me…anything that I wish..hhe :p

So here it is..

1. I wish I can be brave to deal with everything…specially the risk that I choose..not afraid of anything as long as it doesn't bother anyone else..or it doesn't disturb peace of the world..

2. I can be more Lolita and live with Lolita Lifestyle everytime…everywhere.. :D

3. Cosplaying the chara which I love the most XD
I will finish the costume of Yuyuko Saigyouji from Touhou

And then I will cosplay Hikaru Shidou from Magical Knight Rayearth with BiibopH as Lantis..

4. Being loved by BiibopH…I hope we'll love each other.. X3

5. Pass the subjects that I take on Architecture Major…with my way :3 hihihihi *evil grin*

6. Hello Kitty Wallet !! XD I really need new Wallet..I hope I can find that suitable for me..

7. Buy moaarrr books !!! ^o^
I love reading a book…I hope I can buy and read books which I need in this year…yeaaaahhh !!

That's it o.o
I hope in the 21th year, I can have more luck..and more love for me :)

Oh ya..on tomorrow morning..I'll go to the seminar about Table Manner and Beauty Class at Hotel Aston Tropicana, Cihampelas, Bandung, Indonesia…Hope it'll be good for me..hehe :p

I'll tell you gals about the seminar on next post

Ok..see u at next post ^^

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