Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Header,New Layout, and A couple days to My Birthday

Yay…at last I'm working to this blog again..
At entire week, I made new photo for Blog's header and changed Blog's layout..
Theme for this blog now is Autumn
So there are much orange and brown everywhere :p

The header's photo, I took by myself from :

With the magic of photoshop then…TADAAAAA !!
It Becomes new header XD

Oh ya, the flower on that photo were made by me from colour paper, and that form is Origami Lily Flower.
You can see the technic of Origami Lily Flower from here
These are the fake Lily flowers :3

They're so cute…aren't they ? Hihihi


2 More days to My Birthday 8D;
*my heart can't stop beating*

See u at next post about my Birthday wishes :)

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