Monday, November 21, 2011

I love Hello Kitty

I really love Hello Kitty, and at ealier of this month, November 1st 2011 was the 37th anniversary of Hello Kitty !! XD
She's getting old, isn't she ? Hihihihi X3

I really love Hello Kitty since I was little, just because I was very shy back then..I never said this things to my friends. I was afraid they will make fun on me, because my friends, mostly of them were boy. If I bought a Hello Kitty things, and they know it…I definitely got bulied by them..huft..
But they can't eliminate Hello Kitty from my life, now…I am still love this character..She's so cute ^^

And..last month,when I went to McDonalds at Simpang Dago, Bandung…there were Hello Kitty's watches which became the toy you can have if you buy Happy Meal :D
I was so interested to collect them..and with help from BibiipH…at last, I can collect them All !!! XD
I was so happy..when he brought the last pink-Hello Kitty-watch that I wanted..
Because that watch was really hard to find…

Thank you so much, my Darling BibiipH !! :*

These are the watches..
*I have all of them XD*

Hello Kitty's head is so cute~ !!
I really like to wear it with many can fit and makes your outfit looks cute~ :3
It's my favourite :)

This look so Gothic, there are Hello Kitty's butterfly pictures on it. I wear it with black or purple outfits.

This is Apple-shaped-Watch…It's really cute..with the bright green-orange color it's really fun to wear it with red or orange outfit.. :D

The Last watch !! Fiuhhh…it was really hard to find..but me and this watch have very strong magnet that can make us meet…and It become mine..hahaha XD

They are really cute for daily wear :3

And at this morning, when I logged on my poupee..I saw this..

My poupee's room had change to Hello Kitty's room !! XD

Kawaaaaaaaiiiiii desu~ XD

I hope I can get more items or anything about Hello Kitty~
See U at next post


  1. I also love Hello Kitty-chan! ^0^

    Mine are two Kitty-chan bags, the first one is a black tote bag with pink dots and pink Kitty-chan picture, and the another one is pink bag with pink blings and Kitty-chan in the center of it. So cute <3 <3

    It was my father who bought them for me (so surprising and unimaginable, lol) and I was very happy to have beautiful moments with Hello Kitty-chan! ^0^**

  2. Thank you for your comment, Ichigosweet :)

    waaa that's great, I always want to have Hello Kitty Bag...but I have no money to buy it.. ^^;

    I hope I can have one, someday..hehe
    Must-save-money-to-buy-it !!
    Ganbaree~ \(o.o)/

  3. My father bought me ^0^
    If I had bought them myself, I need to save money more and more too! XD (still saving again right now :p )

    Let's saving money for buying kawaii things! XDD



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