Thursday, November 10, 2011


Poupeegirl is a web-based game. You can go to the site : Poupeegirl
Poupee is from french language, means a doll..
You must sign up and log on before you play :)
This game is about dress-up our avatar as a doll. It is pretty fun because there are a lot of cute clothes XD
To get those clothes, you must trade it with Ribbon, the currency. You can get the Ribbon by logging in everyday, dress up your avatar everyday (just once a day), posting the clothes that you have (max 5 post, beside you can get Ribbon, you also can get random clothes), give "suteki" and comment on other apparel post of your friends (you can add friends all over the world XD), and etc (such as winning the contest).

This is my poupee :

Kawaii desu nee~ X3

It is really like me hehehe :D
You can visit my Poupee in here : Echie's Room


Actually, I am very tired of many tasks and PMS…it's torturing me ==;
It makes me not mood to do anything. Huft..

I hope I can get the spirit again..

See u at next post~

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