Monday, November 28, 2011

Handmade : My First WristCuff

I made my own wristcuff after I saw some girls with lolita clothes wear it. And They looked really cute XD

In my town, there is no shop sells Lolita wristcuff (except you buy online on ebay or Lolita Clothing online shop). Finally, because I want to have a cute wristcuff, I went to buy the materials on the craft store yesterday, Crayon's Craft at Jalan Aceh no.15 Bandung.

They sell some craft's material to make crafts like lace, ribbon, flannel fabrics, beads, thread and tools for knitting-crocheting-embroidery,etc.
The price may be more expensive than other crafts store (for example in my town, you can find more crafts material store at Pasar Baru , Jalan Otista Bandung), but it quite worthed because the place is really comfortable, clean, and peaceful.

These are tools and materials which I use to make wristcuff :

Make the wristcuff is quite easy..
1. Cut lace according to the circumference length of your wrist
2. Sew little rubber to give nice folds on the lace
3. Sew ribbon on the wristcuff to make it more beautiful
4. Sew velcro on the back so that wristcuff can stick and wrapped around into your wrist, then TADAAAAA !! Your handmade wristcuff done !! XD

Make your own wristcuff is really fun…you can use your creativity to make it with different model

And suddenly, I want to make some more..hohoho
Yosh !! (^o^)9


  1. Sugoooii...! ^0^ You can make such a pair of wristcuff like this, you are so talented XD

    Gimana caranya biar punya skill jahit yang bagus, yaa...? Aku juga pingin bisa bikin cute lolita stuffs sendiri... uhuhu... :3

  2. arigatou nee..Ichigo-chan ^^

    aku belajarnya autodidak kok..masih belum mahir juga hehe..
    di youtube ada beberapa tutorial untuk menjahit menggunakan tangan..bisa dicoba ^^b atau kalo mau lebih mudah lagi bisa menggunakan mesin jahit...cuma aku gak ada mesin jahitnya hehe

    Latihan membuat jahitan sedikit demi sedikit, pasti nanti bisa lancar sendiri bila sudah terbiasa ^^

    Semangaat !! ^o^9



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