Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Inspired by Halloween

Halloween was over a week ago. In my country, Indonesia, we don't celebrate it. But I am quite interest after seeing picture about halloween party and costume play, it seems really fun XD

On October 31, 2011…I made some snacks, I called : Creepy Chocolate
(because its shape were very creepy, weren't appropriate than I expected =_=)

Yieks.. (=A=;)
But don't be fooled about the shape, actually It tasted really good.
(My Hubby, BiibopH ate all of white chocolates hohohohoho)
I only cracked up some Oreo biscuits, then I mixed with peanut butter, and I stained it with white chocolate o.o/

And those pumpkins are my friends, who accompanied me when I made Creepy Chocolate XD
I made them from folding paper…That's Origami Pumpkin
You can see the instruction of making them ini here : Origami Halloween Pumpkin

Well introduce them..they are (from left to right) Munya, Manyu, and Manya ^^

Yosh…this Halloween event was inspired me to make some clothes that we can wear to the Halloween party or play Trick-or-Treat. It also inspired by some pumpkins..which were more of them in Halloween celebration.
This is the idea :

It’s pretty cute, if you wear it at Halloween X3
Another inspiration are by wearing costumes like fairy, guro lolita, or costume from cartoon, movie, drama character which you like,such as : Alice in wonderland, some princess from fairytale, Marie antoinette, etc.

Oh ya, Halloween isn't fun without Ghost Story…hiiyyy…
I have one new story, this one told by my aunt, Aunty Tin2..
So..a month ago at my GrandMa's house, Uncle Dede and Aunty Una bought an cute owl and it placed in the cage near my Aunty Tin2's bedroom and clove tree.
She said that since there was an owl, My cousin-Ijay-can't sleep in everynight..he looked so scared by something..
My Aunty seemed know there was something that scare my cousin..but my Aunty can't see "It"
Then..at one night..there was a man who screamed in front of my Grandma's house. All of the people in near house came out from their house and ask "What's wrong ?"
As the Mas was fear and panic, he said that he saw the clove tree moved as there was a hurricane and there was a female ghost on it..in Indonesia we always call it, Kuntilanak..
My GrandPa seemed to know maybe it caused by that owl..so my GrandPa asked Uncle Dede and Una to moved and gave the owl to the zoo. And it finally moved..and that was right..that female ghost never appear again in my GrandMa's house.

It's spooky, right ? Hiiyy
There's a question : Is it true that owl can attract ghost to come ?
It still be a mystery

Hihihihihihihihihihi X3

See ya at next post (=w=)b

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