Monday, December 5, 2011

International Lolita Day : December 2011

Despite the celebration was held yesterday, I just want to say : Happy International Lolita Day !! XD

International Lolita Day is a day when you celebrate your lolita life. The celebration in two times every year, the first weekend in June (when summer start) and the first weekend in December (when winter start). It usually celebrated by wearing your Lolita outfit, meet with Lolita friends by hold the tea party, go to somewhere, gathering, etc.

I am celebrating Lolita day by myself..alone ^^;
Because in my city, Bandung, there is no community of Lolita Fashion Lovers (or there is Lolita community that I don't know ??). So for you Girls who are in Bandung..if you want to hold Lolita meet-up event..please invite me (^o^)/
Or if there is really no community of Lolita Fashion Lovers..I am happy to invite you : Let's make Bandung Lolita Community !! XD or we can make Indonesia Lolita Community !! \(^w^)/
(maybe we can make a group in facebook :3 )

Then back to the topic !! (*A*)/
Yesterday, I am not celebrating in my dorm room…actually..I promised to my friends that we would go to take a walk. Even though rain, but it didn't dampen our spirits !! Uooorghh !! \(*o*)/
(Recently, Bandung is rainy everyday..but yes in my place there are just two seasons : day season and rainy season.)

And when I met my Biiboph , he said : "Happy Lolita Day..and PiipopH is more Lolita today..hehe..cute" XD

I was little blushing when I smile :")

After got lunch (while we were waiting for my friends gathered), we go to the tailor to make costumes that we will wear at Hellofest 8 in February 2012. I had bought the fabrics the day before, so I gave the fabric to the tailor too. And my costume is Yuyuko Saigyouji from Touhou Project.

I hope it can be finish quickly so I can wear it later~ ^^

After that..I promised with my aunt Una and uncle Dede to take a walk at Cihampelas Walk~
And..Heavy raaiiiiinnn !!! D:
Ouch !!
Luckyly BiibopH and Me brought umbrellas and when we got there..the rain subsided to drizzle..

*me with my outfit, not so Loli I think..hehe because I don't have enough money to buy branded Lolita clothes..I choose to buy some random clothes which have Lolita taste*

Then we met aunty Una and uncle Dede…we went to photobox in Jonas photo !
Yay~ these were the photos :

And I love this one : BiibopH and Me

*I looked more taller than BiibopH, because I stood and he sat :p*

Before we got out there..BiibopH bought me this bear, I called it "BearbopHmanyank" (^o^)a

Yay~ thank you BiibopH :*

Then after we took a walk until late afternoon…finally It was time for dinner~
At Platinum restaurant, Ciwalk.
I ate my favourite food : Chicken Mozarella~

*from left to right : BiibopH, uncle Dede, and aunty Una*

After dinner time, I went to Sox Galery, the shop that sell cute socks~
And I bought this :

*psst there was 30% discount program..hehe XD*

Then we walked again..bought a chocolate cake…and finally before I went home, BiibopH and I played in GameMaster.
After satisfiying my self when we sang in Starbox (small karaoke bar), BiibopH played the Hero of Robots~

*he was very serious when play that game O_O*

And I played Hello Kitty Cooking~

It was FUN !! XD

And when I went back to my dorm room..I celebrated Lolita day by eat the chocolate cake that I bought and watched film : Breakfast at Tiffany's ^^

*yummmmyyyyyyyyyy~~ :9*

Yay..That's all that I did in Lolita Day yesterday~

I hope I can be nice Lolita, running my life with lolita lifestyle, and have a lot of lolita clothes too..hehe Amiinnnn ^^

See u at next post~

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  1. Happy International Lolita Day! ^^
    I want to post some photos to my blog in celebrating international Lolita Day (walaupun ngerjain tugas harus tetep cute, lol :p ), tapi karena satu dan lain hal, fotonya ga bisa diposting dulu... =_____="a

    So I post about another thing XD

    Have nice days! <3 <3



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