Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Plan

I make some plans for my holiday, because I feel so waste time if I don't do anything (and will be so boring) ==a

So here they are the plans :
1. Go to some recreational area~
2. Learn to sew (I want to make petticoat and skirts)
3. Clean up my book shelf
4. Finishing my painting

I hope I can do all af them X)

And there is some picture from yesterday at Ocean Park~

After swimming~
With my family~

And I bought little blue octopus~ (the mascot of Ocean Park) it's so cute~~ XD

Then today, I got new flats from Calliope~ :D

The colour is purple. You can find the counter on Debenhams. They have more cute flats with ribbon on the top of it in many colours.
And one thing that I love from their flats is It has soft pads so you can feel really comfort when you wear it for little longer. Really reccomended ^^b

Then at last I bought book about sewing, this book will help me to make clothes pattern ^^b : Buku Penuntun Membuat Pola Busana Tingkat Dasar

With other comic book about cosmetic~ : Fantastic Cosmetic
It is nice book for beginner who still learn to use cosmetic products and to care your skin ^^b
it has nice picture~

Then this is cloth pattern that I want to make for petticoat~

Must work hard to learn in this holiday~
Ganbaru !! \(^.^)/


  1. Pasti asyik!
    Apalagi bikin petticoat, aku juga pingin banget bisa! ^0^
    Tapi aku cuma libur seminggu sebelum UAS, tugasnya seabrek pula =_________="a

    Then I'll enjoy my long holiday after that! I want to learn about sewing too! ^0^
    And practicing makeup, lol XD

    Great idea *\^-^/*

  2. yaayy semangat buat UAS-nya !! \(^o^)/



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