Friday, December 9, 2011

When I'm Bored...

Picture by : *bluemonika

Maybe there is some time when you feel bored..
Don't know what to do..
I usually don't waste my `bored & tired` time for not doing anything…because I am full passionate person so I can do anything I want..hehehe..
These are what I like to do when I'm bored..

1. Nail Art time~
I really like to make nail art in my `bored` time, but I don't do it so often anyway. Hehe ^^
This is one ot my nail art :

Although it's still a mess, because I am not a nail art-artist but I am very happy when I do it (^o^)/

2. Reading books~
I've always loved to read books..especially novel books and comic books. Now I am reading old comic books : Lady Victorian by Naoko Moto..

The story is about a Governess in England, Bluebell Everose, who be friends with Lady Ethel , a beautiful woman who idolized by all lady because her attitude really like number-one Lady. Lady Ethel has big secret, because the truth is..Lady Ethel is a man !! Yeahh XD His name is Argent..hehehe If you curious about the can read the comic..It's really good comic ^^b

3. Make some sketches about Lolita Clothes
Draw the lolita clothes that you want to wear, with accessories, bag, shoes, All of them !! XD
Don't worry about the image will be good or not…but the important thing is to make you happy to see the picture of clothes that you want to wear ^^
This is some example that I made before :

From Lolita Everyday

4. Blogwalking~
I usually do blogwalking to some blog of the girls who love lolita fashion..beside it's really nice to know about their stories..but also it makes me happy to know that at out there..there are somegirls love lolita fashions too (in Indonesia is very rarely..hiks T.T)

5. Making Origami
I really like making origami from paper..all of the papers..such as color paper, store brochures..even the shopping receipts..tehehe :p
I always make origami everyehere when I'm bored…for example : when I am in public transport, chatting with my friends, or even when I'm in class :p
These were some origami that I made :

From Lolita Everyday

I hope it can give you some inspirations about fill the bored time ^^
If you have other ideas..please share here ^^


  1. Me! I want to share my ideas while boredom arounds me,, XD

    1. Listening to Lolita-related music! My playlists are kanon wakeshima, ali project, some kamikaze girls soundtracks, to the cute-beat like AKB48 (and Misako loves it! ^^)
    2. Drawing manga :3
    3. Have a makeup lesson on google or youtube :3
    4. Download gothic & lolita bible!
    5. Shopping for cute things!I did it few days ago, tapi blum diposting, hehe... >,,<'
    6. Re-decorate your room, knitting, or doing something creative with your cute things ^^
    7. Reading some Lolita-related books is very okay!

  2. ... and your nail art is so cute.. <3 <3 :3

    and your origami! rapi bangeet... salut deh sama orang2 yang punya kemampuan motorik halus yang bagus...! XD

  3. Arigatou nee Ichigo-chan ^^a
    itu belum seberapa kok...masih belajar juga hehe
    waaa kamu suka merajut ? aku pernah juga merajut..tapi belum ahli >w<
    dan selalu berhenti di tengah jalan entah kenapa ==;
    *kurang motivasi kali yaa* ._.

  4. Dulu, aku diajarin merajut pas SMP, udah lama banget dan jarang dipraktekkan juga sih, hahaha... =___="a
    tapi aku suka ngubah jepit rambut jadi pin atau bros yang cute, hehehe... :3



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