Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Go To Taman Mini Indonesia Indah~

Today,at this morning, I was going to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta Timur, Indonesia.
I really surprised because my parents hadn't to tell me that we would go to there… =_=a
But it was fun ! XD

There were some picture that I got :

*address and contact number*

*on my way to TMII*

*with my brothers : Dian & Nico*

*Nico is trying to be cute~ :3*

*this is when we go to Istana Anak and take a picture with tiger-clown*

*The Castle - when I saw this, I felt like a princess XD*

*at the roof-top of the castle*

*with my Mom too~*

*then I took a picture under the elephant-sculpture*

*under Barong's teeth~*

Inside the room, there are some picture about dinosaurs from the age before century o.ob

*me - in front of the castle again hehe~ XD*

My Outfit :
*) t-shirt : T
*) dress : Chic Girl
*) headband, accessories, camera's pocket, shoes : offbrand
*) bag : (maybe fake) Chanel (hahahaha~ XD but I salute because it can be wear until has been 5 years ^^b)

*beside the Plaza Archipel~ you can see : Kolam Indonesia*

Why does it call "Kolam Indonesia" ? Because it is miniature of Indonesia's map. :)

*Snowbay WaterPark…I took it at the Sky lift*

*me at the Sky lift*

With my brothers

Then I saw the castle at the skylift, it so wonderful~ !! XD
*likes the castle from fairy tale* :3

Then we went to traditional house of East Java :

East Java is my Dad's hometown,at Madiun city. So in my blood there are East-Javanese's blood, be half of that there are also West-Javanese's blood from my Mom (who is from Garut city hehe).

And I found Maja Tree !! (*O*)
Maja is fruit that really bitter or in Indonesia is Pahit. Therefore, there is the name of old kingdom in Indonesia, called Majapahit.

*the fruit is so big, likes a watermelon*

My Mom said that the fruits is usually made for a container to bring a water.

Then at last we took a pict at Bali traditional house~

Do you know that people always think that our age is so close ? Or I am more younger than my brother's Dian hahahaha
Actually, Dian is 5 years more younger than me. And Nico is 10 years more younger than me. XD
People always think that I am still at high school hahahaha :D

Oh ya..I think the first point of my plan about go to "Recreational place" is complete. =w=b
Last weekend I went to Ocean (water) Park too, didn't I ?
Yeahh 2 plans were complete !! XD
Still 2 more to go~

Ganbaruu !! \(^o^)/


  1. You are so cute in these photo my honey munyu~ X3 >:D< XOXO

  2. thank you my Darling~ XD hayu kapan2 ikut ke sana hehe :D



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