Friday, December 23, 2011

New dress and today's outfit~

Today's outfit :

I love this ribbon~
*it has wine colour, so cute~ X3*

I have been going to Supermall Karawaci with my family~
Had lunch with my Aunty Ela
*special fried rice with favourite food~ XD*

And I bought new clothes~

A t-shirt by T and a dress by Chic Girl

I like clothes from Chic Girl, because It has cute clothes with much pink colours XD
Umh..maybe it likes MILK from Japan hehe

You can find it in Matahari departement store ^^
And tonight I hope to get enough sleep because me and my family will go to Ocean Park tomorrow !! Yay~ swimming~ XD
*can't wait tomorrow morning !! X)*


  1. Chic Girl!
    I'll go search for it when I go to Matahari Dept. Store! ^0^

    Is it a store in Matahari?? A counter?? Aku jarang liat merk klo beli baju >,,<

    Kayaknya bakal banyak yang cute :3 <3

  2. umh..yaa kayak counter baju Nevada gitu >w<
    bajunya byk yg cute~ apalagi yg pake pita2 gitu hehe~ XD



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