Monday, December 19, 2011

Rewarding Yourself

The Last Final Test is OVER !!! Yeaaaahhhh !!! \(*A*)/

Actually, not yet tehehe :p
maybe there will some revision test, if I fail again fuhh

At the afternoon, I was going to Bandung Indah Plaza (we usually call it : BIP)…after I have dinner with BiibopH :p
I planned to buy books at Gramedia about How-To-Sew but I tempted by Martha Tilaar cosmetic bazaar in BIP..and I became like =>> "Buy All The Cosmetic !!!" \(*A*)

But actually no..I didn't have much money to buy those all :p

There were some cosmetic products like Sariayu, Caring Colours, Biokos, PAC, Dewi Sri Spa, Belia, Rudy Hadisuwarno, etc
The Bazzar will be held until Sunday, 25th December 2011.
You can buy all the cosmetics with 20% discount and the selected items with 50% discount ^^
So If you are in Bandung…Grab it fast nooowww !!! XD

There were some cosmetic products that I bought~

Caring Colours BB Cream-Fair white, Caring Colours Luxurious Perfecting Blush-Terra Passion, and Sariayu EyeShadow exotic Indonesia-Petikan Sitar

This is Fair White Blemless Balm Cream to concealing blemishes with exellent skin coverage. You can wear it like a moisturizer plus foundation then you can finish with loose powder or two-way cake.
And I buy the Fair white because this bb cream is suitable to my skin face which is so oily..there are 2 more variant for dry skin that really needs more coverage and one more is for glamour make up look, because it has more glow when you apply it to your face ^^

I love this blush..because the peach colour it has~ XD

Everyday, I usually wear pink blush by caring colours-rose desire~
And I compare them..

They both looks cute when I apply on my cheeks~ X3

Then this is Sariayu-Petikan Sitar eyeshadow. The colour of eyeshadows are so nice for natural make up. This is one of the colour trend 2011 by Sariayu. There are 3 more, Alun Serunai, Dendang Rebana, and Denting Kecapi…I want to collect them all hehe :p
Hope I can~

Furthermore, I bought some accessories from Stroberi shop
Those are Hello Kitty Bow Rings~
Ahh they are so cute~ (I love the red one XD)

And some little containers for my make up

Yeaaahhh that's all~
I'm very happy…because it is way to rewarding myself after I try so hard to study for final exams~
At Wednesday morning, I will go to my home-sweet-home in Tangerang, I really miss my Mom, Dad, and my two-little-brothers haha (they're not little actually :p)….and I really really miss my own room~ X")
I can't wait to go home~ :")


  1. Yayy!You spend a great shoping time :D

    Cute rewards,, ^^
    Aku lagi nabung lagi buat memulihkan kondisi keuangan biar bisa kasih best cute reward ke diri sendiri, hehe... :3

    Love the Hello Kitty Bow Ring in pink <3 :3

  2. wogh iyaaa..semangaaat ya menabungnyaa~ \(^o^)/

  3. PiipopH yaaaaay (^o^)/ yawd krn skrg udh di rumah jd minta dibeliin mama aja o.ob

  4. apa yg minta dibeliin ? kosmetik ?? O.o
    ahh sudah pasti !! muahahahaha~ XD *evillaugh*



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