Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Mother's Day !! (^o^)/

To my Mom and all mothers in Indonesia :

Happy Mother's Day~ \(^o^)/

Today,22th December 2011, is Mother's Day in Indonesia~
It's for appreciate how precious Mother in our lifes. :)

I really love my Mom.
She is wonderful mother that I know :)
Although we always fight because different argument, but I know she's really love me too.
At noon, she accompanied me to doctor because I still had a cough disease ._.
She is very hard-working person. She can do everything likes cleaning house, washing clothes, ironing, cooking, etc ,alone without housekeeper. (o_o)a

Really really GREAT mother X)

Although I always get annoyed by her, because she likes to yelling at me ==;
(and I am afraid when she angry to me)
But I always love her~


"I love you, Mom ^^

I can't give anything in this Mother's Day, maybe when I help you to do your homekeeping-work everyday in my holiday, it can be a present for you :)

Your beloved Daughter~ :3"

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